Axcyl®  is  Continental’s well-know brand for plate mounting sleeves for flexo printing presses.  The unique design of Axcyl®solutions, manufactured in Mirambeau, France, makes Axcyl® the perfect choice for printers who require fast, long lasting solutions without compromising the easy set up and the quality of the printed job. Axcyl® also provides dedicated services, such as Fast Track and Axcylox anilox protection covers. The product range of Axcyl® aims to provide flexo printers with improved performance and accelerated time to market.



Continental Axcyl® advanced plate mounting sleeves assist flexographic printers and press manufacturers in their production for a variety of printing requirements. 

Technology and processes used at Continental’s manufacturing facility create a wide choice of sleeves to assist flexographic wide web and narrow web printers for printing on any type of substrates.

Long-lasting sleeve range and services by Continental Axcyl® for better productivity:

  • Coaxcyl EM: Thick plate mounting sleeve

  • Coaxcyl TR: Thin plate mounting sleeves

Check out what makes our solutions the natural choice to accelerate printing performance:

  • Bridge sleeves with air holes ventilation
  • repeat build up sleeves, equipped with patented cutting guide
  • Thin sleeves for plate mounting
  • Carbon fiber bridge sleeve for a better productivity
Sleeve Adapters

Sleeve Adapters

Bridge sleeves are commonly used on flexo presses to reduce sleeve weight, wall thickness and cost. Modern press productivity is sometimes offset by the nature of designs, causing vibration/bounce and visible streaks. The Carbon BS Pneumatic Bridge technology offers exceptional dynamic response with exceptional reduction of bounce/visible streaks when it comes to printing demanding designs, as well as very low weight

Coaxcyl BS: Composite bridge sleeves, with either standard air holes ventilation, or separate ventilation,

Carbon BS: High performance Carbon Fiber bridge providing exceptional stiffness & damping properties for improved productivity

Features and benefits:

  1. Higher printing productivity thanks to structure damping properties and exceptional rigidity
  2. Reduced weight, especially on high wall thickness
  3. Smooth installation on press and quicker make ready thanks to design & ball valves
  4. Durable construction
Anilox Protection Cases

Anilox Protection Cases


Anilox is an essential part of the flexo printing process. Its ceramic outer layer is extremely hard, but fragile. Axcylox designed to cover and protect the Anilox during all operations, apart from printing.

  • The end result is a permanent protection of the fragile outer surface of the Anilox, incresing its life span and reducing costly repairs due to damages.

Features and benefits:

  • Rough outer surface, for excellent manual handling
  • Machined hole, to ease removal of anilox + Axcylox on press
  • Smooth inner surface, for easy cleaning
  • Rubber edge, to immobilize the Axcylox on the anilox, and protect the anilox face
  • Permanent label for tracability & identification ( with indication of anilox color, volüme & screen ruling)
Fast Track

Fast Track

Continental Axcyl® – Fast Track :

  • A set of 10 plate mounting sleeves in less than 10 days? It’s possible with Continental  Axcyl®
  • Continental Axcyl® launched the Fast Track Service at Label Expo 2015. On a global scale, this service allows printers to deliver their goods much faster to their clients.
  • The service is a fast and guaranteed lead time (working days) according to the size of the sleeves ordered and for 1 set (max. 10 pieces) only.
  • The service is charged with premium of 10% of the sleeve order.