With over 80 years experience, both Holweg and HG Weber companies manufacture paper bag machinery. Holweg supplies its expertise and know-how in the area of the manufacturing of multi application of flat and gusset bags. HG Weber is a specialist of manufacturing lines for multi application square bottom bags.

Block Bottom Paper Bag Making Machines

Block Bottom Paper Bag Making Machines

Block Bottom paper bags with and without handles can find uses in many markets, such as fast food, retail, luxury and fashion goods etc. Together with all the requirements of these different markests integrated in our R&D approach, HolwegWeber has developed a large and specialized range of block bottom paper bags including cutting and fitting handles of all types (die-cut, twisted or flat handles), using materials ranging from standard paper to the most complex materials for more demanding luxury boutiques. HG Weber Block Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine models consist of:

  • 3XF
  • 5XF
  • 7FW
Cutting Length280-430 mm380-635 mm380-635 mm
Bag Width165-280mm215-457mm215-457mm
Bottom Width50-150mm89-178mm89-178mm
Max. Paper Web Width865mm1295mm1295mm
Max. Paper Weight196g/m2235g/m2235g/m2
Max. Speed250 bags/mn175 bags/mn150 bags/mn
Cutting Length190-375 mm260-535 mm365-765 mm365-765 mm545-1120 mm
Bag Width75-195 mm80-280 mm125-305 mm195-460 mm195-460 mm
Bottom Width45-105 mm50-150 mm75-180 mm85-225 mm140-305 mm
Max. Paper Web Width605 mm865 mm990 mm1295 mm1550 mm
Max. Paper Weight145g/m2145g/m2230g/m2230g/m2295g/m2
Max. Speed400 bags/mn300 bags/mn200 bags/mn175 bags/mn120 bags/mn
Flat And Satchel Paper Bag Production Machines

Flat And Satchel Paper Bag Production Machines


HOLWEG has over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines to produce flat and satchel paper bags with different models available to cover many applications.

These paper bags machines can be completed with inline Flexo press and waxing units.

  • RS 15series suitable for the production of small and medium size bags as used in the fast food industry.    
  • RS 25series designed for the medium size bags and high productivity applications such as the bread and bakery market.
  • RS 26series are versatile models which can produce small size as well as large size bags
  • RS 37series are designed for producing extra long bags used for packaging Can lids.
  • RS 1500 HolwegWeber is proud to annouce their brand new high speed production line for flat bottom bags: The RS 1500 Servotech! This new machine reaches never equaled production level, capable of producing 3.000 bags per minute! A real game changer for the flat bottom bag making market!
Kesim Uzunluğu105-400mm230-480mm160-760mm400-1560mm
Bobin Eni150-900mm300-850mm150-900mm150-900mm
Kağıt Ağırlığı25-100g/m225-100g/m225-100g/m225-100g/m2
En yüksek hız1200 bags/mn800 bags/mn1000 bags/mn300 bags/mn

Our RX line is an all-in one solution. This most efficient compact line in the world is easy to install, easy to use and easy to amortize.


  • Ultra compact
  • Electrical control and power panel integrated to the machine
  • Easy & Fast commissioning and start-up
  • Transportable without dismantling
  • Standardized machine for quick availability
  • Large access for cleaning and maintenance operations
  • Better ergonomics
  • Easy pneumatic adjustment of the drawrolls
  • Integrated intrinsic safety – CE compliant
  • Simens® Autamation
ModelRoto Simplex 10
Kesim Uzunluğu150-560 mm
Genişlik90-250 mm
Gusset20-80 mm
Bobin Eni650 mm
Kağıt Ağırlığı (gsm)25-80
En yüksek hız600 bags/mn
E-Commerce Paper Bags

E-Commerce Paper Bags


The packaging produced by the E-Com1 is biodegradable, reduces void space, and has a ship and return feature, which allows for reliable use and reuse. Thus, making this machine a solution that truly addresses the current environmental challenges facing the packaging industry.


The “Ship & Return” mailer bag has a unique gusset feature that provides the flexibility one needs to send out a variety of goods purchased online. In addition to this unique feature, the mailer bag also has a two-seal system that makes sending and returning goods easy and reliable.


Bag Width90mm – 480 mm
Cutting Lenght320mm – 760mm
Gusset Depth12mm – 80mm
Flap Heightup to 100 mm
Paper Weight70 g/m– 140 g/m2
Max. Production Speedup to 250 bags/min
Heat Sealed Bags Solutions

Heat Sealed Bags Solutions

The machinery in the heat-sealed bags solutions range is both highly-usable and complex. Thanks to HolwegWeber synergy, you can produce both flat and gusset bags for use in the medical industry or take-away food and block bottom bags designed for the same purposes, animal food, etc.

HolwegWeber CP Special offers 4 different kinds of bottoms:

  • Heat sealed without folding
  • Heat sealed with single fold
  • Heat sealed with single fold and glued
  • Heat sealed with double fold and glued
ModelsCP-28CP-36CP-36-YPFin-Pak 7XF
Cutting Length140-600 mm180-760 mm140-400 mm368-762 mm
Bag Width70-300 mm70-340 mm70-340 mm127-305 mm
Bottom Width10-50 mm12-50 mm12-50 mm76-178 mm
Bottom folds1 or 21 or 20/
Max. Paper Weight250g/m2250g/m2250g/m2145g/m2
Max. Speed400bags/mn350bags/mn400bags/mn80bags/mn
Sheeters Solutions

Sheeters Solutions

Our sheeter solution CTH-1 allows you the maximum productivity for a high quality product. The return on investment is fast thanks to our innovative module that slits and separates the main web in several webs and overlaps all with register. The performance is even multiplied.

HolwegWeber CTH-1 Sheeter is suitable for papers as:

  • Laminated paper foil
  • Tissue
  • Corrugated paper
  • Freshpack
  • Co-extruded paper
  • Waxing paper
Cutting Length200-750 mm450-1000 mm
Sheet Width100-500 mm500-1000 mm
Max. Paper web width1525 mm1525 mm
Cutting Ability (whatever the number of layer22-350 g/m222-250 g/m2
Max. Speed500cuts/mn200cuts/mn
Overlapping after slittingup to 5 websup to 5 webs (internal slitting)
Top Productivity2500 sheets/mn600 sheets/mn
End Of Line Solutions

End Of Line Solutions

HolwegWeber are well known to give a complete solution. The End-of-Line is the final equipment needed to make your life even easier with improved productivity and quality!

The end of line solutions can be adapted to whatever your final product is; flat and satchel paper bags, block bottom paper bags with or without handles.

Together with the end of line solutions your products can be:

  • Counted
  • Bundled or packed
  • Put in carton box or wrapped
  • 100% controlled/inspected
  • Visually controled

These end of line solutions can be in-line with any kind of block bottom paper bag machine:

  • Any model and brand
  • At any machine speed
  • 100% bottom control
  • 100% flat or twisted cord handles control
Final ProductModelsFitting ToPaper Bag TypeMin. Counting (adjustable)Control and Rejection100% Visual Control
BundlePH TwinHolwegFlat50
BundlePH LongHolwegLong Flat Bags12Yes
Paper or film wrapping Carton boxNovatechHolwegFlat50
Paper wrapping900 series bundlerHolwegBlock Bottom50
BundleHW 100Any kind of international brand!Block Bottom20YesYes
Bundle and carton boxHW 200Block Bottom20YesYes
Carton boxHW 300Block Bottom20YesYes
Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

HolwegWeber’s Auxiliary Equipment solutions provides in-line equipments to transform your standart bags in to special bags.

HolwegWeber Auxiliary Equipments:

  • Bundler and Wrapping
  • Wire Tie
  • Lamination
  • Strip
  • Die-Cut Handle
  • Handle Applicator
  • MeshWindow
  • Die-Cut Window
  • 2 Web
  • Hot Perforation 3 Web