Established in 1999, Ceramic Anilox Engravers Pty Ltd (CAE) is a family-owned and managed anilox producer. Our core products are entirely manufactured and refurbished at our world-class production plant in Durban, South Africa, servicing both local and international clients. Our main focus is on producing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices for our customers around the world

At the core of our business are strong family values – as everything we do not only represents our company and brands, but also our family name. Hence why we are focused on constantly delivering the highest quality products and services using only the very best technologies available, all at competitive pricing for our all clients – no matter where they are in the world. We see our clients’ business as an extension of our business. At CAE, we are dedicated to pursuing new and innovative technologies and techniques. We are more than just a supplier, we see ourselves as your strategic print partner that will support your business success. By combining technology, engineering, experience and expertise we strive to remain a market leader in the manufacture and refurbishment of high quality, innovative anilox transfer technologies for specialised applications in the printing and coating industries worldwide.

yCell Cell Structured Aniloxes

Pegasus-yCell Cell Structured Aniloxes

We are proud to present our GEN II Pegasus Anilox Transfer Technology. As a global player within the manufacture and refurbishment of high quality rollers and sleeves, we offer our extensive customer base a bold revolution in High Definition Laser Engraving (HDLETM).

Advanced HD 60° cell configuration laser engraved using the latest high definition laser engraving technology (HDLETM) with the advanced features: MBA (Multi Beam Anilox), MAD (Micro Anilox Displacement) and custom cell profile generation.

eCell Cell Structured Aniloxes

eCell Cell Structured Aniloxes

eCell (HD) HDLE Anilox Transfer Technology has been particularly created to help printers get higher print quality, improved definition, and take full advantage of the most recent CTP, HD, NX, Flat-Top Dot plate techniques.

This advanced high definition anilox transfer technology has fundamentally been designed and based on the proven principles, practices and successes of the industry standard yCell (Y-Hex) 60 degree cell pattern. However, in essence, the eCell is a modified elongated version that comprises two differential screen counts (vertical and horizontal) which create a unique elongated cell shape.

eCell (HD) anilox transfer technology now allows printers to choose and specify higher screen counts than that of their customary  yCell (60 degrees) cell counts. Printers can, in any case, still keep up the same or higher volume ranges without the require for plate screen changes and dramatically improving the amount of ink transferred to the substrate and visibly improving the density, opacity and overall print quality.


  • Increased Ink Transfer Ranges.
  • Higher Screen and Solid Combination Coverage.
  • Low Dot Gain.
  • Extended high definition Color Gamut Performance (More POP for Flexo).
  • Consistent volumetric transfer.
  • Superior contrast and density at higher line screens counts.
  • Cleaner and sharper highlights and mid tones.
  • Reduction in ink flinging.
  • CTP, HD, NX, Flat Top dots, and stochastic plate technology ready.


  • High Performance eCell (HD) AVM Certified Cell Tech.
  • New generation coatings using latest P-Coat techniques and technologies.
  • Easy to maintain and clean due to the elongated cell shape.
  • Extended Nano Doctor Blade ready surface technology.
  • Designed to run at faster press speeds, low-cell turbulence technology.
Cobra Cell Structured Aniloxes

Cobra Cell Structured Aniloxes

Cobra (HD) HDLE Anilox Transfer Technology has fundamentally been designed utilizing an advanced open cell technology; we refer to as Cobra due to its snake like shape & setup which permits for high density coverage whereas still obliging better screen printing.

Printers can now, however, select improved volume ranges without the requirement for plate screen changes. The uniqueness of this open cell shape permits for ink to be transferred more smoothly, significantly improving the amount of ink transferred to the cliché & substrate, improving density, opacity and generally print quality.