Irac Tech S.r.l. started its activity concerning the use and recovery of solvents for washing and distillation 20 years ago. These twenty years have seen transformation and multiplication in the solution capacity of the equipments used, highlighting the usefulness of certain constructive choices compared with others, favouring expansion of the range in both potential and versatility. The key factor of each transformation, however, has always been the practicality of use and safety, and thus the choice of top quality components and construction.

These industrial solvent reclaimers are suitable for users that need to distill and recover solvents from washings (solvent or water), polluted by substances such as inks, oils, fats, resins or pigments.

Solvent Recovery Systems

Solvent Recovery Systems

  • MAV

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers are the most automatic and economical solution today on the market, with active and passive safety devices to avoid any kind of problem. In addition, with the option MEMOCONTROL, both Irac Tech S.r.l. and the client will be able to verify and manage the machine on the WEB.

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers are absolutely stand alone, it only requires electricity, air, and water. If also integrated with the accessory SGL, the system autonomously manages the inflow of dirty solvent to be treated and the return of the clean to wherever the client needs.

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers were born as a basic system, up to the most complete and automatic version, the various configurations are customizable with the help of an Irac Tech S.r.l. commercial, which will help you to choose the version that best suits your needs.

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strict CE, ATEX standards and sold after extensive safety testing. All the components used on MAV solvent recycling systems are UL Certified.

ModelCapacityHourly ProductivityInstalled PowerSupply
MAV 200190 1.35 – 7012 kW400 V – 50/60 Hz
MAV 335335 1.60 – 11024 kW400 V – 50/60 Hz
MAV 500500 1.80 – 14040 Kw400 V – 50/60 Hz

ALPHA has a concentration of technology, which enables it to be an economic machine that at the same time maintains the quality standards that have always distinguished Irac S.r.l. from all other manufacturers.

ALPHA solvent recovery system, together with the use of heat and solvent resistant bags IRSAC, has a stainless steel tank and a large boiler to obtain a good evaporation rate that allows a quick and safe distillation cycle. IRSAC heat and solvent resistant bags are also chemical action resistant at high temperatures of the solvents.

ALPHA MIXER solvent reclaimers have been equipped with scraping blades, which facilitate the movement of the liquid on the bottom of the tank, in order to reduce the time of the cycle, to obtain a dry residue, to keep the solvent recovery system clean and to distill the 99% of the solvent inside the dirty mixture.

The electrical system can be supplied in ATEX EX II 3G suitable for installation in Zone 2, or ATEX II 2G EX (explosion-proof for hazardous areas) suitable for installation in Zone 1. Distillers monoblock series are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strictest CE, ATEX and sold after an extensive safety testing . All the components used on ALPHA solvent recycling systems are UL Certified.

ModelKapasiteOrtalama Döngü SüresiTüketimGüç
ALPHA 1515 1.4,5 h1,6 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 2020 1.4,5 h2 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 3030 1.4,5 h3 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 5050 1.4,5 h3 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 7070 1.4,5 h4 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 120120 1.4,5 h12 kWELEKTRİK
ALPHA 200200 1.4,5 h12 kWELEKTRİK
Anilox Washing Machines

Anilox Washing Machines


The ultrasonic washing units series ULTRAWASH have been studied for the washing in depth of Aniloxes (traditional or sleeves), engraved cylinders and engraved plates coming from the printing press. Ultrasonic ceramic anilox cleaning is a type of washing that is less invasive, more delicate and able to maintain the structure of the ceramic anilox cell.

Compared to the old washing solutions, ULTRAWASH uses much lower frequencies, multi-frequency, guaranteeing perfect cleaning and delicacy on the anilox. All this is to avoid any damage on the anilox.

Available models in both BASIC and TOP version:

  • Ultrawash 1300
  • Ultrawash 1800
  • Ultrawash 2300
  • Ultrawash 2800
  • Ultrawash 3300
ModelAnilox Konumlandırma için Faydalı GenişlikOrtalama Yıkama SüresiMaks. Yıkama SıcaklığıDönüş Hızı
ULTRAWASH MINI 350Maks. 35015 dk50 ° C0,1 mt. / sec.
ULTRAWASH MINI 550Maks. 35015 dk50 ° C0,1 mt. / sec.
ULTRAWASH MINI 850Maks. 35015 dk50 ° C0,1 mt. / sec.
Part Washing Machines

Part Washing Machines


Special industrial washing machines completely pneumatic and automatic. FL EVOLUTION is the best solution for any kind of washing with solvent or water and detergent. The washing system is extremely versatile and is especially used for washing ink trays, doctor blades, traditional cylinders, aniloxes and mechanical parts.

ModelYıkama ÖlçüleriOrtalama Yıkama SüresiTank KapasitesiGüç
FL EVOLUTION 1601600 x 1000 x 130020 Dk150 / 300 ConicalPNÖMATİK
FL EVOLUTION 2102100 x 1000 x 130020 Dk150 / 300 ConicalPNÖMATİK
FL EVOLUTION 260 A2600 x 1000 x 130020 Dk150 / 300 ConicalPNÖMATİK
FL EVOLUTION 260 B2600 x 1000 x 160020 Dk150 / 300 ConicalPNÖMATİK
Sleeve Washing Machines

Sleeve Washing Machines


Thanks to its speed (1 meter in 1,5 / 2 Min.) LC ELECTRA EVOLUTION is today the fastest and most efficient washing machine for printing cliches on the market. The exceptional cleaning quality that distinguishes it, is the result of the combination of two technologies: 2 rotary brushes, and brush with the traditional alternating horizontal movement.

Through the use of special draw rolls, the operator can also enter clichés with different thicknesses, without having to adjust the pressure of the rollers.

Available Models:

  • LC Electra Evolution 450
  • LC Electra Evolution 600
  • LC Electra Evolution 900
  • LC Electra Evolution 1200
  • LC Electra Evolution 1500

VERTICAL WASH washing machine for printing is exclusively dedicated to washing plates in the corrugated sector with water-based inks used in printing on paper and cardboard. These Companies have the problem of how to clean these huge plates and often find themselves having to invent their own equipment, which clearly is not certified in accordance with current safety regulations and causes loss of time by washing of the plates manually.

Standard model available:
2500 x 1700 mm. useful

ModelUseful Dimensions For Plates SupportPower Supply
Vertical Wash 2502500 x 1700440 V – 50/60 Hz
Vertical Wash 3003000 x 1700440 V – 50/60 Hz