Hudson-Sharp is the company that first commercially produced a servo-driven wicketer and is the leader in wicketer technology.  They set the standard for plastic bag making equipment. 
From wicketers and stand-up pouch machines to the revolutionary Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok™ pre-applied closure product lines, Hudson-Sharp strive to create solutions for their bag and film converting customers.

Wicket Cutting Machines

Wicket Cutting Machines


The industry leader in wicketer technology, Hudson-Sharp continues to revolutionize its high-quality wicketers. Their wicketers are known for their reliability to produce high-quality wicketed bags as well as providing maximum flexibility with a modular machine configuration.

The latest state of the art high dynamic servo technology of the Apollo model allows production speeds over 450 bags per minute.

The Apollo series will help your business:

  • Improve your accuracy on recurring orders
  • Reduce your scrap rates
  • Collect improvement metrics to help you make the right production decisions

The Apollo’s Industry 4.0 smart features will increase your production and bottom line:

  • Remote monitoring of your machine’s operating status in real time. Access reports on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Uptime, downtime, changeover time and production statistics per job, shift, day, or week
  • Insights into downtime occurrence and causes
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Download of key metrics to Excel file
  • Support page with up-to-date instruction manuals, schematics and troubleshooting tools
  • SMS notifications for operators requesting help from technicians or other team members
  • Easy look-up of spare parts available.
Pouch Machines

Pouch Machines

  • ARES 400-SUP

The Ares 400-SUP stand-up pouch machine is a compact, efficient, easy to operate, quick changeover machine designed for short/medium-run production. It runs recycle ready PE, laminated films, paper, and bio-films with ease and a low scrap rate.


  • Servo Driven Guillotine Knife
    – Variable distance double cut
  • Pouches formed from one web
  • Quick changeover times
  • Servo driven sealers
    – Independent servo on each sealer
         – Independent dwell control on each sealer
         – Independent temperature control on each sealer
  • Great for short runs
  • Recipe storage
  • Reclosable
  • 1-up SUP and 3-side seal (3SS) configurations
  • Compact, quick change, low scrap, simple, and efficient
    – Only 40 feet (12 meters) to thread machine
Flat Belt

Flat Belt

  • M275
  • Easy changeover with seal dwell adjustment
  • Quality output via servo driven multiple tension zone web control and quality production
  • Accurate and consistent bag lengths with size adjustments on the fly
  • Independent corrugator speed and penetration adjustments improve bag delivery and stack integrity
  • Optional bag stacking system forms bag stacks while reducing the need for cycle interrupt
  • Patented two-way print registration
  • Reduced maintenance due to jam detection system that automatically halts operation if jam occurs
  • Quick change seal roll mounting
  • User friendly with state of the art control system featuring Allen-Bradley color touchscreen
  • Recipe storage for repeat job setups.



The latest opening style from the INNO-LOK® resealable packaging family, Pour & Lok™ is the most innovative product to produce resealable side gusseted bags and pouches. This versatile resealable packaging style is ideal for Pet Food, Lawn & Garden, and Snack applications. Utilizing roll stock with preapplied closure creates value by providing higher production rates, no reduction in processing speeds, less scrap, and less down-time.


  • Press-to-close, foldable closure is applied to film inside gusset of package for easy open Pour & Lok™
  • Roll stock with closure for Form-Fill-Seal packaging applications or pre-made bags and pouches
  • Allows large openings for scoopable products
  • Available as an attachment to existing 1400 Hudson-Sharp Inno-Lok® and
    pouch machines
  • Closure placement is offset to the side of the film to allow the package to travel
    through the Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine with the closure at the top of the
  • Perforation and additional seal required on Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine.
Anilox Laser Cleaner Machine

Anilox Laser Cleaner Machine


The Meridian Elite’s patented laser technology deep cleans engravings of any line screen without increased surface temperature or hot spots. The deep cleaning allows the anilox to perform at correct volumes – saving time, ink and waste. The fastest cleaning cycles in the industry along with smart and connected features keep your shop operating at peak efficiency.

The Advantages of Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning has been around for years and is quickly becoming the industry standard for timely effective cleaning of rollers in the printing and coating industry.

  • Best cleaning performance
    • Effective, repeatable cleaning performance
    • Color match, quicker changeovers, less waste = $$
  • Green
    • No waste stream other than the ablated ink/coating
    • No Caustic Cleaner for personnel to deal with.
  • Lowest cost of ownership
    • No consumable media or cleaning solution
    • Only electricity required to run (no air, water)
    • Lower Labor Cost – Operator can multitask.